Three Tips to Make Winter Runs Safer and More Fun

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Runners embrace the idea that music can propel them forward. If you’re a runner and a song with a strong, speedy beat comes on, you’re likely to move faster, almost without earphone for runningrealizing that you’re doing it. During the winter, exercise headphones have an added benefit- sometimes they actually keep a runner’s ears a bit warmer by blocking the cold air.  Whatever your motivation, there are a few tips that make your run safer for you and to prevent injury, but also to make your run more fun:

Get a Running Buddy. Running can be a boring task, and sometimes having someone else along for the run can make the activity more fun and they can help you stick to it. Who wants to quit in front of their workout partner? A running buddy can help to motivate you, push you past your perceived limits and help you not to give up.

Dress Properly.  Choose the correct shoes for your activity – with support for your arches and ankles, and enough cushions to absorb the force that running exerts. Wear lightweight layers that you can remove when you get too warm. Cutting a workout short because you feel like you’re too warm will not get you closer to your goal, whatever that goal may be. Experienced runners often suggest that you dress for weather 10-20 degrees warmer than what you’re running in.  Use proper safety equipment, like reflectors or even a headlamp, if you’re running at night.

Run Into the Wind To Start. If you run into the wind as you begin your activity and with the wind at your back as you finish, chances are you won’t be slammed by a biting cold as your body is recovering from your workout.

If music moves you during your workouts, consider earHero’s tips to choose the right exercise headphones for your workout. 

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