travelling earphonesMusic has the power to soothe nerves and strengthen memories and connections with people and places. Some individuals listen to music so much that they feel something’s missing if they don’t have it playing in the background or through a set of earphones. This is where things can get a bit dicey. It’s not always safe to have music playing as you navigate unfamiliar places; for travelers, there are locations where it isn’t the best bet to have earphones in and on high volume. There are also reasons that one might not want to choose traditional earphones as compared to in-ear earphones.

Three Places You Might Not Want to Play Loud Music

When you’re traveling, there’s a lot to remember and pay attention to.  It’s in these types of situations where you probably don’t want to drown out the world around you. For example, if you’re going through an airport and getting ready to fly, you’ll need to hear any announcements that pertain to your flight. Or, if you’re in an unfamiliar location and there is a lot going on around you, you might not want to have your earphones on and music playing loudly.  

Reasons You Might Not Want Noise Canceling Earphones.

Noise canceling earphones can be good for travelers, but there are a few downsides to the traditional, large noise canceling earphones on the market.

  • They don’t block all sounds.
  • They can drain your batteries more quickly than traditional earphones.
  • The sound quality isn’t as good.

For music lovers who wouldn’t think of leaving home without their mp3 player and the best earphones they can find, there is a solution. Smaller, in-ear style earphones like those offered by earHero can be less distracting and in travel situations, may be safer. In-ear earphones don’t require as high of a volume level as those that sit on the ears, and as a result, travelers may find that they’re listening at lower levels, which makes it easier to hear what is going on around them.

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