US Secret Service hates their ear piece…5 reasons why

by | Feb 12, 2015 | News | 5 comments

When we think of a US Secret Service agent we think of black suits, dark sunglasses and that coiled tube thing that goes into their ear. This is how they monitor what is going on around them, where they need to be next and what dangers are out there. The unfortunate thing about that little tube is it is so noticeable that the bad guys have a better chance of knowing who the good guys are than the good guys knowing who the bad guys are. has worked with the secret service over the past 2 years and supplied over 300 agents with the earHero covert tactical earpiece. When asked what they don’t like about the old traditional coiled tube earpiece we found 5 main reasons.

1. Comfort: The number one dislike for the coiled tube earpiece is the lack of comfort, and a term that many agents use to describe this feeling is ear fatigue. Most of these agents are connected to a radio 12-16 hours a day and some will actually have the earpiece draped over the ear and hanging out with the volume of the radio turned up so they don’t have to have that thing plugged in the ear all day. The earHero covert tactical earpiece uses speakers that are smaller than the average ear canal and so there is very little contact.

2. Covertness: As mentioned earlier if you want to see who is protecting the president look for the coiled earpiece. Even the guy in the sweat suit sitting on the park bench who has a coiled earpiece is hard to miss.

3. Sound quality: In a sensitive situation you want to get it right. Listening to sound that is pushed up a tube can leave some room for error. The earHero covert tactical earpiece speakers are placed in the ear canal so the sound is created there and approximately 7mm from the ear drum and is worn in both ears.

4. Volume: Which brings me to the next reason they hate their earpiece. Many of these agents are saying that they feel like over time they are getting hearing loss especially in the radio earpiece ear. It only makes sense that when you plug the ear and turn up the volume on the radio the sound has to go somewhere. With the earHero covert earpiece the ear is not plugged so the sound pressure can be released, and because it is worn in both ears and the speakers are in the ear the radio can be turned way down and have better sound clarity.

5. Localization: This is the interesting one. Our brain is wired to pick up where sounds originate from or localize. When we hear a sound from our right we know it because it enters our right ear a little quicker and a little louder and our brain can register that it came from the right. Now, the secret service agent, or anyone wearing a coiled tube earpiece in the right ear may hear that same sound louder in the left ear because the right ear is plugged. In a critical situation turning away from the location of the sound could leave time for the bad guys to complete their mission. 

The earHero covert tactical earpiece address all the issues that anyone who has to wear a coiled tube earpiece would understand. They are comfortable, low profile and covert, they use high end speakers for the best sound clarity, they reduce the chance of future hearing loss because you can reduce the radio volume and they allow you to find the direction of environmental sounds quickly. Check out for more information and videos.


  1. Rob Krauzig

    If you use a properly fit earmold piece instead of the $0.50 earplug that it comes with there is no ear fatigue. I wear my surveillance set with an ear mold for 16-18 hours every day, I forget it’s even there as it’s so comfortable.


    Greetings All,

    My name is Stinson Brown and a retired LAPD Officer after 30 years. Currently I’m working with a firm named where we do world travel with elite clients, the 1% of worlds wealth. Additionally I’m the director security operation’s for my church. I just ordered one of your earHero products to infuse with our current communication devices. I look forward to doing more business in the near future to include the team’s I work with.

    Thank you

  3. David

    Why are acoustic tubes used in the first place? Wired earbuds are small and prolific.

  4. Robert Clark

    Steps to wear a surveillance earpiece. Step 1. Clip the PPT unit onto your shirt. Step 2. Place the earpiece in your ear. Step 3. Connect the cable and the radio. Step 4. Check the connection.


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