headphones for runnersRunners love how the action makes them feel. There are, however, a few tradeoffs that exuberant, new-to-the-sport runners might encounter; an enthusiastic start though, doesn’t mean that runners have to commit the following faux pas or put themselves in danger. All it takes is a little attention.

Awareness Can Prevent These Issues

Overspending. When you start running, there is this temptation to buy the most expensive gear that you can find, under the misconception that expensive gear is better. Runners don’t need much to be comfortable and safe. A quality, well-fitting pair of shoes, well-fitting running apparel, socks, sunscreen and maybe a hat are the items you need for daytime running.

Overtraining and Recurring Pain. At the beginning of a running routine, you may notice that what you feel most is soreness and pain. If you’re careful though, backing off of training when you’re in pain, and applying a pain relieving cream to sore muscles, the pain will dissipate and you’ll be able to continue on.

Increased Competitiveness. If you set running goals – whether for distance or time – when you reach a goal the first time, you’ll become even more enthused and want to push yourself to go further and faster. Be careful though. Pushing too hard because you’re competing with yourself can lead to injury.

Oversharing and Changing Habits. For your non-running buddies, it’s not pleasant to hear about the physical aspects of your training, so you’ll find yourself censoring what you talk about to avoid oversharing. You may also find that your habits change- instead of a late night party with friends, you may turn into the one who looks forward to going to sleep so you can run the next morning.

Injury from Loss of Attention. Music is a great motivator for runners. It can be problematic though, for those who like their music loud enough to block out the sounds around them. Turn your music down enough that you can hear what’s going on around you, and you just might save yourself from injury.

For those who love to run with music, earHero’s running earphones allow you to comfortably hear your music while hearing what’s going on around you.

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