Music is changing, especially in terms of how people get their tunes. Compact discs have had their day and have been replaced by systems that pull music from the Internet and stream songs or download directly to the users’ digital players or computers. Along with this change, there’s been an increase in the use of quality earphones to listen to music.

Trends in Digital Delivery

Music streaming company Spotify announced recently that in 2013, the company’s 24 million users streamed 4.5 billion hours of music. These figures echo what music industry professionals reported in a recent Billboard article. Several pointed to the digital age of music and increases to come.

For example, Tommy Page, the VP of artist partnerships and events at Pandora, pointed out that Internet radio is growing in popularity. People are streaming music not just on computers, but even in their cars with Internet radio stations and Page doesn’t see this changing.

Ash Pournouri, owner of At Night Management, expects the digital delivery of music to keep growing. He expects that streaming will be a major factor in sales in 2014.

Changes in Earphones

Throughout the years, the headphones that listeners choose have become more streamlined and much smaller. In the past, most headphones were bulky, worn on top of the ears. Over the years, they have become much smaller, with many companies now marketing in-ear headphones that put the music directly against the eardrum. 

In the 1990s, Sony was a popular supplier of headphones. Since then, there is quite a bit more competition in the earphone industry – with companies marketing both styles of earphones. With features that differ depending on the brand, it’s not unusual for music enthusiasts to seek advice on the type of earphones they should use. Consider earHero’s tips when you begin your search for the perfect quality earphones. 

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