security earphones, security earpiece, tactical earpieceEarHero earphones are, without a doubt, the world’s most elite line of security earphones ever created. This tactical earpiece has been originally designed to allow security personnel to maintain a good line of communication with their team without losing touch with their immediate environment. Given the sensitive nature of their job, this can clearly spell the difference between the success and failure of their operations and ensure their safety as well.  

What Makes earHero Earphones Ideal for Security Personnel?

With its miniscule earpiece and virtually undetectable wires, this covert security earpiece gives you the freedom to do what you need to do without compromising the success of your operation. It also allows you to talk on your phone, listen to music or speak to someone else in front of you while maintaining complete awareness over your surroundings. With earHero earphones, you can detect whisper level sounds from several yards away – even if you are doing all these things at once.

Recommended earHero Earphone Accessories for Security Personnel

Surveillance Audio Kit

With its easy to conceal features, the earHero surveillance audio kit is absolutely perfect for undercover operations. You can choose from two available options – the easy to conceal Covert iPod-Style Surveillance Kit which includes a low-profile, highly sensitive microphone that covertly clips under your shirt and an iPod-style audio jack, and the Two-Wire Kit which is equipped with an additional belt clip push-to-talk (PTT) button, clear acoustic tube earpiece, left and right fitted rubber earmolds, and two rubber eartips.

Tactical Audio Gear

Ensure the success of your mission by using the earHero tactical audio gear. Choose from our Tactical SWAT Modular Kit (the most complete SWAT kit available in the market today), Throat Microphone Kit (includes an adjustable throat microphone with anti-noise capabilities and a proprietary bone conduction transducer), wireless PTT system and bone conduction tactical earpiece with noise-cancelling microphone. Each of these kits are designed for comfort, durability and optimal performance so you can simply choose what you need and be assured that you are getting absolute value for your money.

Get your earHero security earphones at our online store and you can be sure that you’ll have a clear line of communication and enjoy absolute comfort even in the toughest situation.

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