Why Prolonged Earphone Use Can Damage Your Ears

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earphonesExperts believe that listening to loud music and prolonged earphone use can cause considerable damage to your ears. In addition, it can also cause ear canal infection, another condition that may contribute to hearing loss. Considering these things, should you start thinking about ditching your earphones? Well, not exactly – especially if you are using earHero premium earphones.

How Loud Music Can Damage Your Ears

You may not believe it but exposing yourself to very loud music (more than 110 decibels) for one minute can considerably increase your risk of experiencing permanent hearing loss. You can also expect the same result by listening to loud music (about 100 decibels) for 15 minutes or by using your earphones for prolonged periods of time, even if the volume merely reaches 85 decibels or about the sound of a lawn mower.

So, why does this happen?

According to a study conducted at the University of Leicester, loud noises can strip away the myelin sheath of the nerve cells. Since the myelin sheath is responsible for facilitating the transmission of sound impulses from the ears to the brain, any damage that it sustains can lead to temporary deafness.

In addition, a study published in the Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences in July 2002 showed that prolonged earphone use can cause aural hygiene problems and ear canal infection. The study also went on to suggest that wearing earphones for prolonged periods of time can increase the temperature and humidity inside the ear canal, thereby increasing a person’s susceptibility to ear canal infection.

Protecting Your Ears against Hearing Loss

To prevent such problems, you need to follow the 60:60 Rule when using your personal music player. You need to set your player’s volume at 60% of the maximum volume and make sure you don’t use it for more than 60 minutes at a time. Use earplugs or ear protectors when you are exposed to loud noises and use premium earphones such as earHero earphones when listening to your favorite music. Be sure to follow these tips and you can surely protect your ears against noise-induced hearing loss.

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