earHero is considered as the “world’s safest earphone” for a reason

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earHero, the "world's safest earphone" has been nominated as one of three finalists in the category "Commercialized Innovation of the Year" in the Seventh Idaho Innovation Awards. This is considered to be a great achievement for the company since the Idaho Innovation Awards program has been known to give due recognition to the significant contributions made by Idaho's growing technology sector over the past few years. The winners for each category will be decided on Tuesday, October 2 during the Idaho Technology Council's 3rd Annual Hall of Fame Celebration at the Boise Center on the Grove.

The Inspiration behind earHero

The main idea behind earHero was conceptualized by clinical audiologists Matt and Mali Murphy during a ski trip when they observed that it is quite difficult to maintain a line of communication with their friends who were using traditional earphones. Realizing the possible dangers that may result from such situations, they decided to create an earphone that will allow people to listen to music without isolating them from their environment. After seven long years in development and after being made available solely for the use of government security agencies during the initial years, earHero was finally released to the general public in the spring of 2011.

The Advantages of Using earHero

So why was earHero nominated for this award? What makes it such an innovative product? Well, earHero was primarily built with skiers, bikers, runners and pedestrians in mind. With its tiny speakers that comfortably slide into each ear canal, the product allows users to enjoy clear and comfortable music on the go while ensuring their safety. Since the speakers do not block the ear canal, the user can still focus on what's happening around him while listening to his music. And since the speakers do not completely seal the ear, the risks of experiencing ear fatigue or compromising the user's hearing over time can also be significantly reduced.

Taking all these things into consideration, would you give earHero a try? Well, if you want to enjoy listening to your music without putting your safety in jeopardy, maybe it's time for you to consider it.


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