All-in-One Tactical Audio System with Throat Microphone

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Throat Microphone Kit from All-in-One Tactical Audio System is proud to offer the Throat Microphone Kit by EF Johnson—the perfect tactical gear for covert operations or recreation.

Surveillance audio products have high demands placed on them. The throat microphone delivers clear sound quality in extreme situations without sacrificing comfort or jeopardizing protective gear. Whether you’re wearing a motorcycle helmet, a breathing mask, or just need a tactical audio system capable of picking up the slightest whisper, the compact throat mic delivers.

Unlike conventional microphones, which pick up sound in the air, the throat mic uses vibrations in the throat. It can be adjusted to any neck size, and doesn’t interfere with helmets or masks. Because the throat mic is attached separate from protective gear, it doesn’t compromise the integrity of breathing masks, and can be adapted to a multitude of situations.

Throat microphones were developed for tactical audio use in military and security applications, but a growing number of hobbyists have adopted this professional-grade surveillance audio technology for recreational uses, including paintball, laser tag, and interactive online gaming.

Recreational users can expect the same technical advantages as professional users of the EF Johnson throat mic: it functions effectively in extremely high-noise environments such as on motorcycles, or in night clubs, and remains covert in low-noise surveillance operations. The system’s advanced noise-cancelling capabilities and comfortable neck strap make it a great option in tactical gear.

The EF Johnson throat microphone kit includes a ring finger push-to-talk button, a clear acoustic connector tube, and two fitted rubber earmolds, giving users a complete system for surveillance audio.

Check for more information on the throat mic or our other professional-grade tactical audio products.

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