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The online tactical audio shop at delivers a range of top-of-the-line surveillance audio products. Here are three of our favorites: Bone Conduction Speakers with Boom Microphone—This product converts electric signals into mechanical vibrations, which are then sent directly to the inner ear through the cranial bones. Speakers are placed strategically on the facial bones, freeing the ear to hear local sounds. Useful in a variety of tactical audio applications, especially where the local environment is overly noisy. Can be paired with a wireless PTT button from for a complete covert communications setup. Throat Microphone Kit—Our throat microphone picks up speech directly from the throat, making it perfect for tactical audio situations requiring use of a helmet or rebreather mask. The throat mic successfully transmits even whispered speech, allowing for covert communications without giving away your position. Because the microphone works with vibration through the throat rather than air, it functions beautifully despite high background noise, whether on a motorcycle or in a nightclub. Only the speaker’s voice is broadcast, allowing for discreet surveillance audio communications. Wireless PTT (Push-to-Talk) Button—Our PTT button transmits sound without wires, making it an excellent mobile option in a variety of situations calling for tactical audio communications. The PTT button attaches to handles, pistol grips, or even the user’s finger with a sturdy Velcro® strap, uses very little energy, and is waterproof in up to five feet of water. The PTT button includes a radio adaptor and quick release. Can be purchased alone or paired with a microphone appropriate for your unique tactical audio needs to make a complete kit. Visit our catalog to find the right tactical audio products for your team.

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