When Covert Is Critical, Turn to earHero.com for Tactical Audio Products.

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As security personnel, the last thing you should have to worry about is the quality and visibility of your tactical audio equipment. This spring, earHero.com is unveiling a revolutionary new surveillance audio system that keeps security personnel connected without sacrificing awareness of their surroundings. Far less noticeable than existing technology, the earHero eliminates the bulky coil-and-mic setup. Miniature speakers are worn right in the ear, giving you far better sound quality and less hearing obstruction than coiled tube. Current surveillance audio systems block most of the ear, muffling sounds from the user’s surroundings and leading to discomfort during longer shifts. With its smaller size, the earHero can be safely worn in both ears—because two ears are better than one. The system feels much more natural, allowing for hours of use without ear strain. Local sounds aren’t lost as they would be with a more cumbersome tactical audio system, which increases awareness and safety for users. The earHero system was designed by clinical audiologists to offer maximum sound quality with minimal interference. Years of testing led to a patented (this is currently patent pending and I would say more of an monitoring system vs. amplification system, which combined better sound quality with a smaller, more comfortable earpiece. With clients ranging from casino security to the U.S. Secret Service, the earHero is poised to revolutionize the surveillance audio field. When keeping your tactical audio equipment invisible is mission-critical, turn to earHero.com. The earHeropro is scheduled for general release in April 2011. Contact us to pre-order for earliest delivery.

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