Finally, earphones that allow you to enjoy your music and calls, while clearly hearing and being aware of everything else in your world.

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Designed by an audiologist, earHero's speakers are so tiny they will never block your ear canal. Each ear simultaneously transfers alternate signals to your brain, giving you the ability to literally talk on a separate phone without removing the covert earpiece from either ear and hear whisper level sounds from yards away, while identifying the sounds' precise location. These are also exceptional for use as headphones for sports including skiing, cycling, or even during running. The earphone wires are so thin and clear, they are virtually undetectable, and the design is so comfortable, you'll barely realize the earpiece is there.

With these in ear headphones, you can easily go about running, or working out in rhythm to your music, but also be aware of your surroundings. The earHero covert earpiece is made for your safety, and you’ll never want to go running or cycling without them. These headphones for cycling will enhance your bike ride without risking your safety from accidents. With the minimalist design of earHero earphones, you also will never have to worry about adjusting these earphones.

For security personnel using two-way radios and the traditional, cumbersome, coiled tube earpiece, this technology is also for you. The earHero covert earpiece can replace the coiled tube device by removing the button speaker located at the base of the coiled tube and attaching the earHero two-pin adapter. Once the adapter is attached to the radio unit, you can insert the 3.5mm plug on the earHero into the adapter. Users have found that the sound quality is superior to the coiled tube, the ear fatigue is eliminated, and they can actually turn down their radios and more comprehensively understand the information being relayed.

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