One-Wire Coiled Tube Kit Lapel Microphone


earHero One-Wire Surveillance Kit is both professional and efficient for a diverse assortment of industries all the way up to high level security . Minimize all the bulky wires running under your clothing. Discrete lapel mic can be hidden under you jacket or tie. Add the earHero earphones for more stealth and comfort.

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One-Wire Professional Coiled Tube Kit-a designed to minimize all of the wires of the traditional 2 and 3 wire kits.

  • Use with the earHero earphones.
  • One wire comes from the radio to the mic to the ear piece.
  • The microphone fits comfortably in your hand and offers an easy-to-feel rubberized push-to-talk (PTT) button.
  • The cableĀ is long enough for any body type.
  • Extra strain relief added, for less tension at the connector.
  • Kit is delivered complete with clear acoustic tube earpiece.