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The World’s Safest Earpiece...total sound awareness

earHero was founded in 2005 by a husband-and-wife clinical audiology team specializing in fitting patients with the latest in amplification technology.

During a ski trip with friends, the duo noticed it was extremely difficult to communicate with the group, because everyone was wearing earphones. The "audio-related" dilemma piqued their interest, so they commenced looking for a product that would allow them (and their friends) to listen to music, or answer a phone call, while maintaining awareness of sounds around them. 

Referred to as TOTAL SOUND AWARENESS, the audiologists started designing prototypes that would afford the capacity of simultaneously apprehending two different sounds.  After years of testing, a patent was filed and issued with 21 claims that touted a small, comfortable, and robust earphone that was safe and unique across the globe.  They named it earHero for its exemplary, one-of-a-kind features and attributes.

Although originally intended for the active consumer, because of the inherent safety benefits and the ability to be seamlessly worn for long periods of time, while maintaining a covert look, clear sound, and situational awareness, the product has had rave reviews in some high-profile circles due to is ability to be worn comfortably for long periods of time while maintaining a covert look, clear sound, and situational awareness. The earHero has been used in the FBI, Secret Service, CIA, U.S.. military, The American Gaming Association.

At earHero we look forward to personally addressing the needs of each client, and industry representative and welcome any questions that you may have. Please contact us at 1-877-817-4376 [HERO].


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