Can EarHero Earphones Help Prevent Ear Infections?

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earheroStudies show that there is a strong connection between ear infections and prolonged earphone use. According to a study which was carried out as part of the 2012 Science and Growth Awards in Australia, continued earphone use can significantly increase the rate of microbial growth in the inner ear canal and increase a person’s risk of middle ear infection.

In addition, Indian researchers also discovered that frequent headphone users have more bacteria in their ears as compared to those who do not use their headphones on a regular basis. And while most of these microorganisms are basically harmless, some can cause a wide variety of ear problems ranging from a simple earache to potentially life-threatening wound infections. The full report was published in the Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciences.

What Makes Earphones Potentially Harmful?

In a nutshell, frequent headphone use creates the perfect environment that encourages the proliferation of microorganisms inside your ear canals. So, if you have any cuts or wounds inside your ears, the bacteria can work their way inside your body and cause even more damage. Sharing your headphones or earphones with others without cleaning them first only worsens the situation since this common practice facilitates the transfer of potentially harmful bacteria from one person to another.

How Can EarHero Earphones Help Prevent Ear Infections?

Unlike other traditional earphones, earHero earphones do not completely seal your ears. This revolutionary earpiece is so small (4.3 x 5.6 x 2.8 mm) that you can wear them without feeling the slightest discomfort.

With earHero earphones, you don’t have to worry about turning your ear canals into the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. You can always count on that!

Prevent ear infections by using earHero earphones, the top earphones in its class. Stay safe by investing in your very own earHero earphones today.

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