Skiing Safety Tips While Listening to Music on Earphones for Skiing

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earphones for skiing, skiing earphonesWhile running the slopes and listening to your favorite tunes may sound like a lot of fun, using earphones that isolate you from your immediate surroundings and the rest of the world may not be a good idea. You need to hear what's going on around you, especially when you are out skiing, if you want to remain safe at all times. So, how do you choose the best earphones for skiing? Consider these suggestions.

The Best Earphones for Skiing – How to Choose One

1. Choose earphones that provide ultimate comfort. The best earphones for skiing are those that don't hurt your ears when worn under a helmet. As such, you should definitely consider using in-ears that are both lightweight and are small enough to prevent irritating your ear canals or interfering with your head gears. You should also make sure that your earphones stay in place no matter how you move so you don't need to constantly readjust them while running the slopes.

2. Pick an earphone that lets you stay in touch with your surroundings. Navigating the slopes can be quite risky, especially if you are using noise-cancelling earphones. Remember, you need to be totally aware of other skiers and other environmental changes such as an oncoming avalanche and other atmospheric noise to keep you out of harm's way.

3. Choose one that is safe for prolonged use. You need an earphone that wouldn't compromise your ear health, especially if you plan on using your earphone continuously as you go skiing all day long. Traditional earbuds and headphones just wouldn't fit the bill since they seal off the ear and allow sound pressure to build up, leaving you prone to ear fatigue and permanent hearing loss over time.

EarHero Earphones – Developed with Skiers in Mind

Realizing the need for an earphone that will provide skiers with superior comfort and good quality audio while keeping them aware of their surroundings, audiologists Matt and Mali Murphy decided to create an earphone that will satisfy these three criteria. After seven years in development, they finally came up with earHero earphones, a revolutionary product that provides high-quality audio on-the-go that doesn't compromise the user's safety.

Now, are you ready to take your safety a little more seriously the next time you go skiing by replacing your old headphones with earHero earphones? If so, you may want to check out the earHero online store and grab yourself a pair!

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